I’ve been thinking of making a blog for a while but every time I decided to not go through with the idea of a blog as I thought it was a waste of time. Finally, I thought about it and realized that making a blog will be very beneficial.

To showcase projects but also to have a platform where I can write things like tips that I found and my experiences from projects which can benefit some people and my future self in understanding what I was thinking.

I finally decided to make a blog and I spent some time trying to find the perfect CMS (Content management system) and I decided to go with Hugo


Hugo is not a Content management system instead Hugo is a static site generator which means that all markdown files that you make are automatically generated to HTML, and CSS code. Which makes the blog/site faster as it has less content to download but also means that it is gonna be more safer as well!

The theme that I picked for this blog is a modified version of Hugo-Paper or Paper.

I am gonna be continuing to update this blog with more projects of mine and I hope in the future I can make posts on my past projects as well!