So with the start of the new Year, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a happy 2024!


With the start of the new year we have a new release Mnemosyne 1.2.0!

Mnemosyne 1.2.0

This is a MINOR release for Mnemosyne.

There are a few new features and a few bug fixes.

Some features include that you can now use ToolTypes!

Mnemosyne ToolTypes

What are ToolTypes?

ToolTypes are a way to pass arguments to a program usually from the information window in Workbench to make them behave in a certain way.

Workbench Information Window

You can see how to use ToolTypes in Mnemosyne’s Wiki:

Tooltypes are gonna be used mostly in the future when new features are added to Mnemosyne so you can switch them on or off.

The first ToolType added is NOROUND which disables the rounding on numbers. (With the new release the numbers are gonna be rounded by default except if this tooltype is used.)

Another feature that was changed is the "-g" flag.

I mentioned the “-g” flag when I released Mnemosyne 1.1.0 (Happy Halloween! Mnemosyne 1.0.2 & 1.1.0 Release!)

but since then I have changed it so it uses the “GUI” Keyword.

Why was that changed?

The “-g” flag was changed to “GUI” because -g is something used on DOS and Unix systems, but AmigaOS usually uses keywords instead.

It works the same, to use it you just need to do

Mnemosyne GUI <path>

Also, the latest release fixes some overflow problems so you should be able to scan bigger files more accurately now 👍

For more information about the latest release you can check the changelogs:

You can also download the latest version from the Github Repository here:

Or you should be able to download it from Aminet:

Hope you enjoyed this small post and that you enjoy the latest release!

Have a Happy 2024 Everyone! 🎉 :D