So I think you have realised that this post was not posted on Sunday. That is because I have been working on a new release of Mnemosyne.

It’s a Patch release but it’s still a pretty exciting one.


That means that not many new features have been added but there have been some bug fixes.

This Release is more focused on improving the quality of the code itself so it is easier to maintain and improve in the future.


With Mnemosyne, I have used a service called Codacy to help me improve the quality of the code.

What is Codacy?

Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps developers to save time in code reviews and to tackle technical debt.

It is a tool that helps you improve the quality of your code by finding issues like duplications of code and code complexity as well as code being safe and secure.

I was able to use it to solve a lot of issues with the code and improve the quality of the code.

Mnemosyne Codacy

We went from 14 issues to 0 issues which is a huge improvement!

Mnemosyne Codacy results

That includes fixing issues with the code like unused variables and unused functions which also made Mnemosyne go from 34.388 bytes to 31.772 bytes almost a 3KB reduction in size.

Some other fixes were also done Like buttons not being disabled when an invalid path was given which is now fixed.

Also, the memory mishandling when opening multiple directories has been fixed.

Another crucial change that was done was that the “Open Current Dir” which was used to open the current directory on the workbench has been renamed to “Open in Workbench” which is much clearer.

Mnemosyne workbench

And also a lot of typos and grammar mistakes were fixed in the documentation and code!

Now Mnemosyne is officialy at version 1.0.1!!

You can download the new release from Github Repository here:

Or you should be able to download it from Aminet:

If you would like to check out the codacy report for Mnemosyne you can find it here:

This post was a short one but I just wanted to outline the recent changes that have been made with Mnemosyne so I hope you enjoyed it and Thanks so much for reading :D