Soooooo There is this thing called Github ReadMe.

Mostly used for repositories to explain their function and to provide information to a person that is viewing them. But Github has done something different. If you replace the name of the repository with the same name as your github username then it will show that this repository is a special one

Github Special

As it shows here with mine.

That means that anything ReadMe has will be displayed on your profile page!

There are some amazing designs that people have made that can be found here

But. I wanted to make something different and I stumbled upon something called “Metadata Badges” which are images of tools/languages/frameworks that you use in your repositories ReadMe.

So I decided to make a table of all the languages and tools that I have ever used. Thankfully there is a website called which allows you to make these badges.

I also used the HTML entity “& nbsp;” which is a non-breaking space. This is used to make the table look better.

Here is how it looks!

Github Table

This is a pretty nice feature. If you want to make your own you can use a generator such as made by rahuldkjain

Thanks so much for reading my blog and have a nice day!

PS When I learn more tools I will turn the table into a chair ;)