For a long time, I have had a website called which was made using Basic HTML & CSS, and Javascript.

I have been using this website for a long time for experimenting with website making and I always wanted to revamp it.

Old Website

(This is how it looked.)

I have been interested in the design of Terminals and especially Ubuntu Terminals

Ubuntu Terminal

So I decided that maybe I can make a website that behaves kinda like a terminal and have all the information in the form of commands.

New Website

I also turned my Profile Picture to Ascii which is a pretty cool feature of the website.

The commands are handled by a Javascript file which calls upon a list of commands and their functions that are stored in a JSON file which is read by the Javascript file.

So it is also much easier to add commands in the future. Special commands such as “Start”, “blog” and “nocss” are handled by the Javascript file itself.

If you want to check the Javascript file you can at

Also if you are not tech-savvy you can still use the website by typing the “start” command on the terminal.

The website is still a work in progress and I will be adding more features to it. I am also thinking for the holidays I might add some special commands or “apps” that you can do…